Auckland City Mission Can Drive

On Week 7, a can drive was announced in order to help out families in trouble. It was sponsored by the Auckland City Mission! Auckland City Mission is an organization devoted to helping the homeless, elderly, those who suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol and others in need.

Students that donated cans to the Auckland City Mission helped struggling families in need of food. These families suffer from financial and economic problems and need our help.

The donated cans had to be preferably not too old; it could’ve been anything like pasta, beans or spaghetti. They also had to be in relatively good condition! The cans were donated in boxes located at the info commons. Each house – yellow, green and red – had a box, and the house with the most cans got the most house points. Yellow house donated the most, well done to them!

Overall, a substantial amount of cans were donated to the mission, enough to support the cause and help feed the struggling families in need.

Article and photography by Tony Schaufelberger





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