New Paper Recycling Bins!

In Rutherford College, there are new paper recycling bins that have replaced the old cardboard boxes! The new grey recycling bins are made out of old milk bottle caps! The enviro group had to make sure that every classroom received one to make sure Rutherford will be a cleaner and greener school. A way that students, teachers and staff can help is to put paper into the recycling bin instead of into the regular trash bin. The paper can then be recycled and be made into more paper.


Make sure to lay the paper flat, not scrunch them up as it takes up more space in the bin. It is also actually a lot harder to recycle with scrunched up paper! When the classroom recycling bin gets full, there is a big recycling bin in the area outside the tuckshop and music room to empty it. So please help recycle to make Rutherford a more enviro friendly school! Little things like this can accumulate and bring big change.

Written by Glenna Chin
Photography by Anna Choi


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