Rutherford College PSSP

Peer Sexuality Support Program is a program that supports youth, which offers more than just sexuality advice! Our team had spent a week training up at Camp Maynard to better help our fellow students through a very wide range of teen issues, including safe partying, relationships, mental health, contraception and safe sex, consent, body image, gender AND sexuality. We understand that not every question or worry can be answered by an adult (or the internet), so we’re here to support you as much as possible and make sure you’re getting the right information!

You can speak to one of our team members around school (just come up and ask – we won’t bite) or ask one of the guidance counsellors to set a time to speak to us. We also have an instagram page (@pssprutherford) and a facebook page (PSSP Rutherford College) where you can message for help and see all the things we get up to around the school as well. We are here to give advice or to just listen, so come and find us for a chat 🙂

Written by Georgia Berry


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