UNICEF Quiz Night

On Friday 16th of June, from 7pm to 9.30pm, UNICEF held a Quiz Night fundraiser! It was to raise money for African children who are malnourished and have no food resources. It was a night of good vibes and great excitement.

The hall was full with 13 competitive teams! We had students from Massey High, primary students, Rutherford students and adults playing! They all came in very hyped, ready for the exciting quiz to start. Then at approximately 7pm, the MC of the night, Maia, kicked off the quiz! The groups discussed and argued about the answers. Everyone was keen to win first prize, which consisted of a package of high-quality goods, including blankets! During the 10 rounds, spot-prizes were given to those who won mini-games, like who had the funniest jokes and who could do 8 pushups.

After 10 rounds of 10 questions, Rutherford UNICEF marked and added the totals for each group. First and second place were separated by only one point! “That was one intense quiz night!” a member of the winning team told us.

Overall, the quiz night came down to a huge success. The UNICEF members would like to thank those who came along. We, together as a community, helped make a difference in the lives of African children.

Written by Anna Choi


Photography by Anna Choi


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