Green Jam Y 2017

On 31st of May, 5 lucky students: Anna Choi, Rebecca Wilson, Alicia Casey, Krish Deo and Edi Reddington were selected to represent Rutherford College at the annual Green Jam event! Green Jam is a collective event for passionate students to collaborate and discuss environmental issues with environmental leaders! Green Jam Y this year was held at AUT University with students attending from multiple schools all around Auckland.

The theme revolved around climate change and “The Power Of YOUth”. Throughout the day, all school representatives were split off into multiple workshops. The exciting day began with a keynote speaker, Sam, from 350 Aotearoa explaining to us how we could help with climate change. He told us that they had 2 success protests against ANZ Bank to stop them from providing support for companies contributing to global warming and climate change. “It’s not too late to make a change in the world, we need the help from the youth,” he had said.

The workshops varied from working with different specialists in urban planning, bees, life planning and leadership development. These workshops had an important lesson in common; “our youth holds the strongest power. The world is counting on you.” There was a particular workshop that concentrated on this idea of youth,  which talked about young people being the last hope of our planet Earth. The workshop also taught us that we should use the technology available to save the planet.

The 5 Rutherford students were greatly inspired to make a difference, and they had reported back what they’ve learnt to Rutherford’s Enviro Group to inspire their upcoming projects around the school.

“Climate change is our responsibility!” – Green Jam Youth Community

Written by Anna Choi

All photography credit goes towards the Green Jam Y team




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