1. Stop Warm Air Escaping

It’s quite easy to give extra insulation to a room. You can place a draft stopper on your door, or place towels or blankets in the gap between the door and the floor. This stops warm air escaping and cold air entering. This should increase the room temperature significantly. Keeping curtains closed traps the hot air in and stops it escaping through the windows.



2. Wear Extra Layers

The easiest way to stay warm, especially when you’re not at home is to wear more layers of clothing. At school you could wear both your jumper and jacket. Boys, wear long pants and girls, wear stockings. Wear the school scarf to keep your neck and ears warm. I suggest wearing 3 layers depending on where you’re going and what your doing;

  1. Base Layer – the layer of clothing closest to your skin.  This includes tight clothing (like thermals) that provides warmth and keeps you dry. Find thin clothing made of synthetic materials that moves moisture away. Try not to wear cotton as it absorbs moisture that can trap wetness, making you colder.
  2. Middle Layer – the layer which is supposed to insulate the body, keeping warmth in and the cold out. Fleece, wool, polyester and long sleeved shirts do this well.
  3. Outer Layer – this layer includes coats, pants and jackets. It would be best if this layer was water/wind proof.


3. Keep Dry

Even if you are wearing many layers , they will be useless if they get wet and damp. When clothing gets wet, the water evaporates making it get colder. Use an umbrella when walking home or moving from class to class. Wear the school jacket and polish your shoes, as most shoe polishes help make the shoes more waterproof.


4. Stay Hydrated

It is very important to stay hydrated during winter as moisture is usually sucked out of the skin. When the body is dehydrated it is a lot harder for it to keep warm. Hot drinks can also help keep you warm. Get a thermos and even drink a hot drink on the way to school.


5. Stay Indoors

It is very important to keep indoors as much as possible, this will keep you warm and sheltered from the wind and rain. During breaks in school, some teachers might let you say inside the classroom or you could find a hallway to shelter in. Places with heaters or fireplaces are best. If you’re at home, turn the heater on earlier than you need it so it can warm up the room before it gets freezing. If the fireplace is lit, keep the doors in the house open so heat can flow and warm up the entire house.

Written by Sophie Koosache


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