Ronald McDonald Mufti-day

What does Ronald McDonald House do?
Ronald McDonald House provides free accommodation and support for families with hospitalised children. This alleviates the financial, emotional and practical burdens that families face during a highly stressful time of having their children hospitalised. Today, over 100 families stay with Ronald McDonald House and every year they take care of over 3,700 families from across the country. At the heart of everything they do is a goal of keeping families close.
Where does your money go?
Their ‘Houses’ run just like a normal house but on a much larger scale. This means they have the same household bills as well. From electricity, water and gas to making sure there is bread on the table and milk in the fridge – the Houses are true homes and they cannot run them without the support of the community.

Rutherford’s Ronlad McDonald House mufti-day was run by the Student Council! Students came in mufti and donated a gold coin (or even more!) each.

Written by Shrusti Patel


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