Music Month Concert Band Performance

Featured image photography credit: Ms. Taula

The 26th of May marked the very first performance of Rutherford’s 2017 concert band, celebrating Music Month at the Te Atatu Peninsula Library! It’s an event that the band aims to participate in every year! Through vigilant practises and many hardships, we were finally able to pull together a performance worthy to showcase to the peninsula in a very short amount of time.

It was very hard to practise at first, because as some of you might know, our practises used to be during Friday lunchtimes in the hall or in the music room. It was very inconvenient, because forty minutes just wasn’t enough to satisfy a full-fledged practise. We still had to eat our lunch, as well as set up and pack-down! We would often be late for our last-period class.

Rutherford’s concert band, started up by Mr. Breed again several years ago, was initially something very casual for Rutherford students to take apart in. However, it became very clear that we, with our diverse range of instruments, had the potential to achieve something very special. So Mr. Chad Davenport (our band overseer and conductor) and Ms. Taula got together and presented us with two options; either stay casual or go competitive.

And thus, Rutherford’s concert band took a dramatic turn in Term 2! We were now a competitive band! Because we were now competitive, our practises changed from Friday lunchtimes to Friday afterschool, and the duration of the practises increased to an hour. This meant that now, we had time to set up, get ready and have our Friday lunchtimes free! It also meant that more students could come to the practises, because many of our band members could not make it to Friday lunchtime practises due to other commitments (although we also lost a few in return). Most importantly, it meant that we were serious now.
With our limited hours of practise, it’s amazing that we managed to pull together a performance of approximately half an hour, consisting of seven pieces.

On the performance day, we started practise at lunchtime and we carried through until the end of the school day. Then we were squished into the library at 4:00pm, on a warm Friday afternoon, and although we had a small crowd to begin with, curious onlookers soon joined the audience. The performance ranged from different styles of European dances to marches! Personally, my favourite piece to perform was ‘Rhythm of the Winds,’ composed by Frank Erickson. It is a very exquisite piece that uses a lot of unexpected accidentals. Mr. Davenport was a great conductor and also was very interactive with our audience. It was wonderful seeing the community, fellow Rutherfordians, and even friends from other schools gather around to support us.

Since it was also Pink Shirt mufti-day, we had to get changed into our full uniform before we left. We also had to carry our stands and walk all the way to the library. But it was well worth the effort, for we were able to perform for such an amazing audience. It’s indescribable; a feeling of accomplishment, the rhythm and melody carrying through our bodies, knowing that someone somewhere out there is listening. To be able to spread joy to our community gives a weird sort of joy back.

Our next goal is to perform competitively at the KBB music festival in August! And we’re definitely going to perform ten times better and not only represent our school with pride, but do even more justice to the wonderful pieces we’ve had the honour of performing.

If you have time, come along to one of our practises and have a listen!

Written by Anon-creampuff


Photo credit goes towards the original photographers


The six pieces we performed were these (in order):

Movie Adventures (including Stars Wars – Main Theme, Duel of the Fates, theme from Jurassic Park, theme from E.T.) – John Williams

Three Celtic Dances: Reel – Brian Balmages

When the Spring Rain Begins to Fall – Randall D. Standridge

March of the Belgian Paratroopers – Pierre Leemans

Rhythm of the Wings – Frank Erickson

Highlights from Greece – Paul Murtha



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