Model United Nations Assembly 2017

Students across Auckland arrived at 7:15 am at the foyer of Auckland Girls Grammar. The room was full of excitement, anticipation and students in creative costumes.

This was it. It was finally here. Model United Nations Assembly 2017, held at Auckland Girls Grammar School, commenced on the 26th and finished on the 27th of May. Six students: Melanie White, Petra Saecker-Battely, Rex Kennedy, Simon Cooper, Anna Choi and Reuben He were selected to take part in this event intended to simulate the heated debates, on world issues, that take place in the United Nations. Rutherford College sent off two teams, who were to represent Finland and Angola at this annual event.

The Model United Nations Assembly is a prestigious event intended to harness delegates’ debating skills and to channel their passion towards some of the world’s most intensely argued issues. The problems debated over the course of this event included the Syrian refugee crisis, the humanitarian projects in Africa and the importance of improved water and sanitation facilities to reduce child mortality rates, along with many other complications in our modern world.

Over these 2 days, each team had the opportunity to pick 2 out of 5 remits to debate and voice their opinion towards. On top of this, we also had the right to vote whether the amendments would be passed or lost. Each delegation spoke for 3 minutes, presenting their country’s perspective and opinions on a specific topic. Everyone was nervous yet they delivered their message confidently and clearly. Students representing over 200 countries were also divided into blocks. For example, Angola represented the African block and Finland a part of the Western European block.


The fun-filled event reached its climax at the time of voting for amendments, where nations used trickery and bribery in an attempt to lobby and win votes from other nations. Angola and Finland had to be careful or they risked being tricked into another nation’s political perspective.

After a hectic two days full of important conversations, bribery and betrayal, we cannot imagine what 2018 MUNA will be like!

The students who took part in this event walked away tired, exhausted and mentally drained. But more importantly, we felt as if we have been equipped with the tools to make a true difference in global issues and debates surrounding the wellbeing of our people.

We highly encourage students to take part in future MUNA events as it is an extremely rewarding experience for students to make sense of the reasons behind social justice and moral righteousness. Furthermore, this event provides the platform for students to be educated on the key issues that surround our modern world.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Written by Reuben He and Anna Choi


Our Rutherford College teams, dressed in their costumes for Finland and Angola; all credit goes towards the original photographers


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