The World Scholar’s Cup

The World Scholar’s Cup is a debating challenge that took place in the Term One holidays this year. The competition ran over the course of two days. Students got into teams of three, then completed four different challenges.

Our team came early morning on the second day, and soon after an introduction to the challenge, we began the first challenge – Collaborative Writing. Every team was given six statements from the subjects Science and Technology, History, Literature, Special Area, Art and Music, and Social Studies. Every student had to pick a statement to argue for or against, but the catch was that each student had to argue a different statement. We had fifteen minutes to prepare, forty-five to write the essay, and ten to review with our teammates. It was certainly a challenge!

Then after Scholars Challenge, students completed a multiple choice questionnaire, but the fewer answers you fill in, the more points you earn if you’re right. (E.g. if you fill in A, B, C, D, and E, you’ll earn 0.2 of a point, whereas if you fill in B and C and get one correct, you’ll earn 0.5 of a point.)

After a lunch break, we had the Team Debate, where each team debates three times against three different teams. We had fifteen minutes to prepare our argument, four for each speaker, and a few minutes at the end to give the opposing team feedback. In my opinion, it was the best challenge! Our team got to argue about creating technology to communicate with the dead, if products should have warning labels that tell the customer how likely the good is to kill you, and if fake news should be banned. It was quite the experience! After debating, we all went home and got ready for the second day.

The next morning would be spent completing The Scholars Bowl, where as a team you answer questions with a clicker to gain points. Afterwards, lunch, then the Final Debate, where the best debater from each school got up on stage and debated. Finally, the awards ceremony, where many students were awarded medals on how well they did, and then came the end of The World Scholar’s Cup challenge.

It was the most exciting, nerve-wracking experience where we got to expand our skills and have fun while doing so! I would definitely recommend signing up next year. The challenge was definitely out of this world!

Written by Poppy Hall (10BK)


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