Term 2 School Kahoot

In Week Three Term 2, the Prefects and Student Council held a school wide kahoot competition in the hall. On Wednesday 17th May, the year 9s and 10s participated and on Thursday 18th May the year 11s, 12s and 13s participated. The kahoot quizzes were based on general knowledge and rutherford college history – and some interesting facts about our teachers! The hosts gave out chocolate and lollies to the kahoot winners, and even Mr Moore joined and had a great time. The crowd was very interactive, nosy and full of friendly competitive fun!


On Wednesday, around 70-80 students played. The juniors had lots of laughs, and the hosts were extremely wonderful with their enthusiastic attitude! They even had a mini dance competition midway between the two games! On Thursday, over 100 students played. At this point, they had run out of lollies. However, the hosts of the kahoot competition told us that they would be sure to have enough lollies next time!

After counting up the total points for both juniors and seniors, overall, Green House won! Well done to Green House, especially to their juniors who contributed a wooping 105 to their total of 166 points! What was important to note was that participation truly was the key to victory. Yellow House came second with 139 points, with Red House following closely behind with 130 points. These points will be added towards the current amount of points we have for each house. Hopefully they will be in the notices very soon!

Thank-you to the hosts of both junior and senior games; they were entertaining and very funny! Thank-you to the crew behind-the-scenes, as well as the Prefects and Student Council.

Written by Khushi Sangadiya, Avintika Narayan and Shrusti Patel


Photos by Nikisha Sharma and Jennifer Lowe


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