Rutherford UNICEF

Today, we are going to look at what Rutherford UNICEF is focusing on this year!

On Tuesday lunchtimes, the Rutherford UNICEF club has their weekly meetings so they can raise awareness for child poverty in New Zealand and the famine in Africa. They are both big issues that need to be resolved and our school UNICEF club wants to try their best to help those in need. Across four countries, there are 20 million people that are starving; it is the ‘largest humanitarian crisis’ and $4.4 billion is needed by July. Without economic support, people are going to starve to death and children are going to suffer from malnutrition. Having malnutrition increases the vulnerability to HIV infection and other sicknesses and diseases. The sad truth is the result of having malnutrition and starvation can be death. Although you cannot control death, death by hunger and malnutrition can be prevented. Child poverty is also closer to home than we think, it is a problem in New Zealand. Child poverty is defined as children living without the basic needs. Their homes could be overcrowded and damp, and barely creating the shelter that they need which can lead to health problems later in their life. In New Zealand, 28% of children live in poverty which adds up to about 250,000 children. It is a problem as New Zealand doesn’t really address this problem openly which can lead kids and their families feeling unwanted. The impact of stress from poverty also can make a lasting impact as their parents may be always stressing about the money. The poverty cycle can repeat itself through generations as one aspect can affect another. For example, being malnourished means that they may not be able to concentrate as well at school, living in a damp overcrowded home can lead to sickness and long-term health problems. UNICEF are hoping to do their best to play a part of improving children’s lives around the world by making sure every child has the basic rights.

Rutherford UNICEF club hopes to raise awareness and money to help our country’s child poverty issue and the famine in Africa!

Written by Glenna Chin


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