Studio Show Term 1

Featured image shows how packed the hall was on the last day of the performances!

From the 5th to the 7th of April, some of Rutherford’s best dancers took to the stage their rehearsed dance performances.

Yes, you guessed it… the time had come for the first studio show of this year.

The studio show, ‘Blended’, turned out to be a huge success. A huge crowd consisting of friends and family in the Rutherford community had gathered in the school hall to witness the spectacular performances of Rutherford’s finest dancers.

Rutherford’s studio shows are one of the best experiences that a Rutherford student can experience, and ‘Blended’ certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact, term one’s studio show demonstrated just how big of a role dance plays at Rutherford and showed that even when we think there is no more room for improvement, the Dance Department somehow always manages to take our breath away even more.

The performances on show represented a wide variety of cultures, ranging from Taonga from the Pacific to imaginary characters you may see in the streets of Europe. What made it even more amazing was that the dancers had such a short time to prepare their incredible dances. Astonishingly, the year 9s and 10s only had nine weeks to create and craft their dance while NCEA students (Year 11- 13s) were still running through dress rehearsals on the week of the performances. Despite the pressure on the NCEA students, who could gain credits for their performances, they did a magnificent job of showcasing their dance techniques and rhythms to the audience.

The dances on show were all at a very high standard and the choreography behind the performances were all original and thoughtfully communicated to the audience on the night. The dancers managed to connect with the viewers and embody the strong emotions that came with each song. Of course, Miss Exeter also deserves a lot of praise for her tremendous work behind the scenes choreographing and supporting the performers.

All in all, the studio show was a wonderful night for both performers and the audience who watched the show. We thank you for coming out to support the students at Rutherford College and hope that many more people will come to witness even more magic at other studio shows further down the calendar.

Written by Reuben He


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