Red my Lips – what is it?

The featured image is a poster created by Z Club

Red my Lips is an international organisation that works to raise awareness and visibility towards sexual violence, as well as combating the stigma of victim blaming and rape myths. Tomorrow Wednesday, the 5th of April, students are encouraged to wear red lipstick to raise more awareness to this issue and show their support to this amazing cause. The approach to this is simple: by educating and inspiring others, we can transform the stereotypical culture of rape. This event is being run by Z Club at our school, where they have created posters and posts to advertise the campaign and get more people involved. They have also planned a mufti day in the last week of Term 1, where all gold coin donations will go towards a charity (HELP Auckland) that helps women in trying situations. To go along with this, there will be a presentation for the seniors on the 5th of April that will discuss and educate students on rape culture and debunk myths about rape and sexual violence.

The members of Z Club, along with others, are doing their best to create an impact on students and raise as much awareness as possible for this age old issue, so you should do the same! Rock the bright red lipstick and use your voice to change what’s wrong.

“One simple act of outright defiance can work to increase awareness about this epidemic in our communities and spark conversation so we can work together to stop it.”
-Anita Stewart

Written by Sanskruti Patel


Posters belong to the Z Club


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