Hospice West Rangatahi Inaugural Launch Event

On Tuesday the 28th of March, the Hospice West Rangatahi Inaugural Launch was held at The Hospice Living & Learning Centre. Anna Choi, Caitlin Lorigan, and Pablo Villasenor Jr. were invited to attend as they were successful candidates in becoming one of the 2017 youth ambassadors for Hospice West Auckland. Family members, Hospice West Auckland Board of Trustees, school principals, senior managers, and the Honourable Nikki Kaye, Minister of Youth Affairs also attended.

11 young, passionate leaders from different schools were selected in joining the Hospice Rangatahi volunteer youth ambassador programme. The programme helps youth to learn more about what the hospice does, gain a deeper understanding of leadership, and to engage with the community to make positive changes. This programme enables the ambassadors in becoming great leaders for our community.

The event started with the CEO of Hospice West Auckland, Barbara Williams. She announced that this is the first time West Auckland Hospice has run a youth leader development programme and that she is very proud of all the successful 11 ambassadors. Barbara was pleased to see young people putting time and effort into creating a better society for our community.

We had the honour of meeting Minister of Youth Affairs, the Honourable Nikki Kaye, and Minister for Pacific Peoples, Alfred Ngaro who congratulated us in becoming Rangatahi youth ambassadors. Nikki shared her thoughts and opinions of us as young leaders; about the important role we play, and how we were positively affecting the community. She was touched by our mindset; giving back to the community, and desire to serve. She also said, “I love your efforts and the positive attitude you all have towards helping out for your community. Thank you for your time to volunteer and I look forward to hearing your great successes. I know you all will inspire others through your compassion and service.”

Alfred was also very proud of us in becoming potential future leaders and wished all of us the best for our future.

The Hospice Rangatahi volunteer youth ambassador programme plans to run 4 workshops, and 4 events throughout this year. It was truly fascinating to meet everyone and it was most definitely a day to remember.                                                                               

Written by Anna Choi

All photo credits goes towards the original photographers


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