Luv Music


A photo of all the performers; photography by Lillana Stewart.

On Friday 10 March, the Luv Music event was held in the school hall where our musically talented students performed a diverse range of musical styles and vibes. This event is held annually for senior musicians’ first assessment of the year and it is always loved amongst many people.

The night began with the stunning Rutherford Music Group who boosted up the vibe of the night. They sounded absolutely marvellous. Then, it followed on with a variety of other performances – singing, rock band, musical instruments etc. Each performance mesmerised the audience as it was unique and their energetic performances blew our minds away. The audience had no time to daydream as they were continuously entertained by our talented music students. “We practised many days after school, we put a lot of hard work into it and we hope that it pays off on the night,” said Jennifer Cox. Hence, her quote explained the perfection of the performances.

One of the highlights from the night was a showcase of a band from De La Salle College. Some boys were playing the drums and the keyboard while they were accompanied by the beautiful voices of two other students. They seemed relaxed but confident to make the audience enjoy their music. “They sound absolutely amazing,” said Tanvi Kemkar.

At the end, the students and staff were overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from the audience. “Wow, I didn’t know that Rutherford College had so many talented musicians,” said one of the parents to the cultural committee members as she left the hall in amazement.

This showcase showed Rutherford College’s superb music talents. It also contained outstanding demonstrations from the students who played their music with pride and confidence. The students’ hard work and dedication did pay off at the end as it made the night such a success.

Written by Anna Choi.


Snippets of two performers from the night; photography by Pablo Villasenor Jr.


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