Fia Fia Night


African Dance group performing; photography by Jess Freeth

Rutherford’s annual event, Fia Fia Night, was held on Tuesday 7 March! A large audience gathered in the school hall and watched our spectacular Indian Group, African Group, Samoan Group and the Kapa Haka Group perform with pride and confidence. The night began with the energetic Samoan group. As they entered the hall, a large group of Samoan audience cheered for them and waited in silence for their move. The girls began to sing and dance as the boys at the back supported them. They were strong and powerful. When they finished performing, the audience were overwhelmed by the efforts and dedication they had put into the formation of success. “We worked very hard. We had fights and tears along the way, but eventually it led to what we are today.” – Ms Taula.

The night was followed by the beautiful student-choreographed dance from the Indian Group. They swiftly entered the aisle between the crowded audience and showed us dazzling moves from the Indian culture. On top of that, their lovely smiles on their faces made their performance even more exceptional.

Then, the large, powerful Kapa Haka Group performed. Their performance blew our minds away by their charisma and their dominance over the showcase. As the haka began, the ground shook as the boys roared their confidence. All members were confident and determined. We could see how much time they had put into this, as every action was steady and their overall performance was marvellous.

This followed on with the African Group. The audience and other students were extremely surprised by them as it was the first time Rutherford College had held an African Group. As soon as the music turned on, they began to perform delightful and exquisite dances from different parts of Africa that entertained and amused the audience. Again, this group’s remarkable dance had also been choreographed by the students. “I want to join one of the groups next year, it was awesome!” – Reuben He 12JF.


African Dance group practising hard; photography by Jennifer Lowe

Many students were impressed by the wonderful showcases and some were keen on joining one of the groups next year. The performances of the groups acknowledged the diverse culture within our school and celebrated the success of the hard work and high achievements from the students. At the end, all the students involved in this night came together and performed the school haka in front of the audience. They were absolutely overwhelmed as Mr Moore looked at us with pride. The night ended up as a huge success and everyone involved was satisfied and proud. The groups will perform their cultural items again at the upcoming Polyfest festival and we wish them luck for the best results.

Written by Anna Choi


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